Friday, September 12, 2008

Kensley's 1st Show-n-Tell

My little baby is growing more everyday. Yesterday she had her first show-n-tell at school. Well no official, but we asked if we could bring her turtle, because all she has talked about was another little girl bringing her lizard. She told us how the lizard had a cool home, like the one she use to have but Mommy ran over it. (Not really but when she cried and got upset about it, I thought I would take the rap for Daddy not paying attention) Her teacher said it would be fine, so we got Luke's home just right and took him to class to show him off.

All I had to tell her to wake her up that morning was that today she was taking her turtle to school. She jumped out of bed with such excitement, it was truly a precious moment for a momma.

When Kensley got home from school we showed her yet another critter that we added to our collection, while she was at school.

This is Dorky, Klayton's lizard he found on the porch today. Don't ask me why to kid named him Dorky, but that is what he wanted so that is his name. Can you tell how Klayton wasn't really sure he wanted to hold him.

Once Klay held Dorky, he didn't want to put him down. Poor lizard, he didn't know what he was getting himself into when he befriended Klay.

His peaceful life! Even I think his tiny size makes him kinda cute!

I had to get a picture of Kensley with her cute "noculars" she made at school. Kensley has an old scope of Cabe's that she calls her "noculars" and she constantly looks out in the yard with it. I will sometimes find her in different places around the house just studying things with them. So when she walked out of school with these so proudly around her neck, I knew she would have stories to tell. She told me all about finding raccoon tracks behind school in the woods, on their hunt.

Aren't children and the simple things just precious! How lizards and turtles can bring such joy! I love their excitement, I pray for a heart like a child to see the little things in life, and find joy in all God's wonders.

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