Monday, September 15, 2008

John Deere Boys

My boys LOVE John Deere!! Cabe is always finding Klayton things that are John Deere, and Klay since he could barely talk could point out the John Deere logo and tell you what it was. He would call every tractor he saw a John Deere. So last week when Cabe had to get a mower, Klayton gladly shopped along. We went to the John Deere store and the kids had the best time. Now if they were only that good when they shopped in my favorite stores! Ha!
Klay and Kensley both picked out things they liked for birthdays. Well Kensley picked out things she wanted me to bring her back and get Klay. Klay had so many choices it was hard for him to decide. Our salesman gave him a toy, which made him feel really special.
Let me tell you that Daddy has not mowed the yard once without Klay sitting in his lap. Klay even started falling asleep once while mowing, but that wasn't going to stop him from helping Daddy.

The two of them crack me up when they mow, because they make such a big deal out of it. It is truly like Klay is a grown man going to do "Man" stuff! Ha,ha! He will tell me he has to go help work and he'll put his John Deere boots on and head out. I thought this picture was hilarious, they look like they are running a lawn mower race. Taking the turns!! I have heard all about how well the handles, it is a mower, not some sports car.

Notice Klay with his hand on the key. He either has to hold that or the steering wheel. And trust me he doesn't let go, he knows exactly how it turns on! Notice Daddy on the phone even while out mowing. I think one day his phone will just grow to part of his body. Work never ends for him.

I love that the boys already have their things! I can just picture them as Klay grows doing all the things Cabe has wanted to do with his son. It really makes me proud of the two of them! Love you two boys so....much!!!

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