Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Fall!!!

Happy first day of fall!! I love, love, love fall!! It is my favorite season, and busiest time of year. I just adore everything that fall brings. The changing leafs, cool crisp air, chilly mornings, pumpkins, everything! Even though with each fall I'm reminded that my babies are growing a year older, I am so thrilled it is birthday season.

We have not only my birthday but, both kids, sister, and dad's birthday in fall. Soon we will have another fall baby! Can you see a trend! The kids love their birthdays, and for months leading up to it, we start to plan the BIG day!! I can admit I go a bit overboard, but they are only little once. They won't always want mommy throwing them a big party to celebrate. Fall is also a great time to throw a birthday party. I find myself lucky that both kids have birthdays so close to pumpkin time, that is always easy to incorporate a theme. This year we are combining parties to make it a little easier on family and friends to attend. It just killed me last year that we were gone on vacation for their birthdays so we didn't get to throw a party. Not only were we gone, but we didn't have a house. Can I tell you how thankful I am this fall for having a HOME!! It is so great to decorate my porch with pumpkins. You don't realize the blessings of simple things until you don't have them. Anyhow, we are throwing one huge celebration this year, and let me tell you my kids are soooo... ready!!

So with the first day of fall I have another first today. My website is up(well sorta) and my store has opened! Check it out: , I am thrilled to death to finally be doing this. I prayed so long, and now the opportunity has opened. Let this journey be blessed and bring blessing to God through this. I have already met so many neat people along the path to getting everything open. Hopefully I will develop even more relationships with people through my designing. It is awesome that it fell into place and today was the first day it was up. Another God thing, let me tell you!! I hope this fall has so many great memories, and new beginnings. We are counting down the days till pumpkin patches and parties. I should have good blogging pictures, hopefully.

I thought I would share some pictures from our last day at our old home. We had to move out before our new house was built so it was very saddening to leave a place we called home. Also on the last day at our old home, we had to wash "Lambie" for the first time ever. So so so sad for momma! I had to break down and wash it even though Kensley had had it since birth. She got the stomach flu the night before we moved out. So lets say it was hard the next morning to have the washing machines unhooked and everything cleaned and folded up.

My little babies have grown so much. This was Klay for the last time in his nursery, and Kensley in her toddler room.


LOVE YOU A GOOGLE... said...

Hey Katy! That is awesome! Can't wait to check out all your items in your boutique. I hope the venture goes wonderful for you, I am sure it will. Aren't birthday's too much fun! :) We are having Ethan's party LATE this year.. OOPS! ha! Bad Mom on my part!

Love the pics! Have a good day. We are going to the Apple Orchard close to your house on Friday if you guys want to come out and join us.

Heather said...

Hi Katy! It IS a small world and I am so glad you know you have a blog! You are so sweet and so grown-up....I know it probably doesn't make sense to you....but I still think of you as an 8th grader!!! :) Obviously you are a wonderful mother (Congrats on #3) and wife. Your kids are beautiful!!
Todd and I are doing well and Connor is getting so big! We are trying to have another one, waiting on God's timing!
It was so great to hear from glad you are enjoying God's blessings on your life!