Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fair Parade 2008

Yes, the parade was weeks ago, but I'm just now getting around to adding these posts. Seriously I have had them in the drafts for weeks. This one I was waiting to add a picture scanned in from Cabe and I back in the day when he would ride the cheerleaders in the parade. The picture wasn't that good, so I opted not to add it.

Kensley's favorite part of the parade has always been the cheerleaders and horses. She then wants to see me in my old uniform, which Cabe gets a good kick out of. I'm gonna shock them all one day and pull out some of the old moves. Ha,ha!

Klay always likes the firetrucks and fancy cars. This year he did talk alot about the pretty girls on the cars however. He is so funny, he will tell you exactly who he thinks looks really pretty. I can always tell if my attire for the day is not up to par if Klay doesn't give me some comments. Ha! He even told his Aunt Ninny one night at our house the cartoon girls on the Tampax commercial looked cute. We had a good laugh over that one. He is such a mess.

He got really serious when he saw the Wall E float. I have to say it was my favorite also, so said it didn't win. The parents and students who worked on this one did great! Wall E moved and blinked and everything.

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