Monday, September 15, 2008

Do you hear the baby?

The other night Cabe and I were getting baby stuff down and decide to get out the baby heart monitor she she is big enough now to hear. She is against my back so it has been hard to hear her, and also to feel her up until recently. We got the monitor when I was pregnant with Kensley, and everyday Cabe and I would listen, talk, and play her music. She went to bed every night with me playing her classical, I think that is why she was so vocal early on. When we were pregnant with Klay, we also did the same. But we had little Kensley who every night wanted to talk to her "Bubba" and sing him Twinkle Twinkle. That has since always been the song we soothe Klay Klay with.
So the kids were super excited when we let them listen to the baby the other night. I think it was the first time Klayton really stopped and thought about their being a baby. He doesn't seem to understand like Kensley did, or maybe it is just that she didn't have a sibling so we emphasized a new kid in the house. He will talk about his baby in his belly every once in a while, and sometimes he will come kiss my tummy. But seeing him listen to her little heart beat brought tears to my eyes. It was like he really new his sister, and formed a loving bond. He froze and had such seriousness in his eyes.
After hearing her really well and also hearing some kicks he got really quite, looked over at Kensley and said I love my sister. I broke down, it was the sweetest moment! Cabe and I instantly started hugging and kissing him. Also rushed to get the camera, we knew we never wanted to forget that moment.
So hopefully she will have a song soon that will forever be her soothing song, just as the others had. But I can tell we are all getting anxious, and I'm so thrilled the kids are beginning to share in the excitement.

Klay was so still and quiet with the white noise, I'm on the look out now for a CD to put in his room while he goes to sleep. It was really mesmerizing to him.

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