Monday, September 29, 2008

Grandparents Day

I have had this in the draft folder all month long waiting on getting a picture of Mimi's plate, but I just gave up and decided to post it. These are the plates the kids painted for the grandparents in celebration of their special day. Every year I tell myself I'm not going to forget it, but I do. This year I was way on top of things. We made these plates at a local pottery studio, which the kids loved doing. And I even prepared a big lunch for after church.

Kensley made the grandparents each a letter from preschool that told what she liked most about them, and what they did when they spent time together. It was so funny to see what she wrote. I don't think any of it held true, I think she was put on the spot at school and used another childs idea. Ha,ha! She said her Mimi's favorite place to eat is Pizza Inn, which anyone who knows her, can tell you that she is at Chili's on a daily basis. She will rotate from her favorite restaurant and eat the same thing, I don't know how Kensley could forget. She will say to her "Mimi I don't want to eat Chili's or Crackerbarrel!". Cabe and I just crack up, because it is so... true. She did say all of her grandparents favorite thing to do is spend time with her and Klay. I thought that was very sweet, and I know for the most part they wouldn't rather do anything else in the world.

So even though I don't have the pictures of Mimi's plate, I thought I would post on Grandparents Day. We love each on of you very much, and I hope the kids get special things from each of you. Also we love our greatgrandparents, Granny, Gigi, and Mammaw. I'm so happy the kids have all generations in the family to tell them stories and pass on traditions. I know Kensley and Klay already have memories of each grandparent they they will be able to tell their children.

Its funny the things we do get from our grandparents, I am a die hard Lucy fan, and Nick at Nite watcher because of my Gran. Then everytime I hear wheel-of-fourtune, or play Old Maid with the kids I think of my Granny. Cabe can tell you that he remembers baking with his Mammaw. (Thanks for the awesome chocolate chip cookies! Our kids are truly Soffos' with these!)

(Klay was so worn down and he finally gave out before the party was over. He doesn't want to miss a thing when company is at the house, but he just couldn't play any longer. )

Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Fall!!!

Happy first day of fall!! I love, love, love fall!! It is my favorite season, and busiest time of year. I just adore everything that fall brings. The changing leafs, cool crisp air, chilly mornings, pumpkins, everything! Even though with each fall I'm reminded that my babies are growing a year older, I am so thrilled it is birthday season.

We have not only my birthday but, both kids, sister, and dad's birthday in fall. Soon we will have another fall baby! Can you see a trend! The kids love their birthdays, and for months leading up to it, we start to plan the BIG day!! I can admit I go a bit overboard, but they are only little once. They won't always want mommy throwing them a big party to celebrate. Fall is also a great time to throw a birthday party. I find myself lucky that both kids have birthdays so close to pumpkin time, that is always easy to incorporate a theme. This year we are combining parties to make it a little easier on family and friends to attend. It just killed me last year that we were gone on vacation for their birthdays so we didn't get to throw a party. Not only were we gone, but we didn't have a house. Can I tell you how thankful I am this fall for having a HOME!! It is so great to decorate my porch with pumpkins. You don't realize the blessings of simple things until you don't have them. Anyhow, we are throwing one huge celebration this year, and let me tell you my kids are soooo... ready!!

So with the first day of fall I have another first today. My website is up(well sorta) and my store has opened! Check it out: , I am thrilled to death to finally be doing this. I prayed so long, and now the opportunity has opened. Let this journey be blessed and bring blessing to God through this. I have already met so many neat people along the path to getting everything open. Hopefully I will develop even more relationships with people through my designing. It is awesome that it fell into place and today was the first day it was up. Another God thing, let me tell you!! I hope this fall has so many great memories, and new beginnings. We are counting down the days till pumpkin patches and parties. I should have good blogging pictures, hopefully.

I thought I would share some pictures from our last day at our old home. We had to move out before our new house was built so it was very saddening to leave a place we called home. Also on the last day at our old home, we had to wash "Lambie" for the first time ever. So so so sad for momma! I had to break down and wash it even though Kensley had had it since birth. She got the stomach flu the night before we moved out. So lets say it was hard the next morning to have the washing machines unhooked and everything cleaned and folded up.

My little babies have grown so much. This was Klay for the last time in his nursery, and Kensley in her toddler room.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

County Fair

We went to the fair a few weekends ago, and I'm just now getting those pictures uploaded. We met up with sweet little Lily and her grandparents. It was Lily's first time at the fair (she is only 14 months) and she was so curious about everything. Cabe and I were taken back by how calm and intrigued she was with everything. I forgot how young children at that age just soak up everything. She would stare at all the flashing lights and just loved riding on the carousel. I was really happy she got to come enjoy the fair with the kids. Kensley thinks she is just the cutest thing and loves babying her.
Lily's mommy was at home with her new baby sister Anna. They had just come home from the hospital on Saturday, because Anna was jaundice. Those are two of the cutest little girls! I'm happy to know our little girl and Anna can be playmates.

We went around the time it was getting dark so we didn't stay long. We rode some of the kiddie rides, and toured the animal barns. The kids just absolutely love the carousel, I don't know what it is but there is something magical about them.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fair Parade 2008

Yes, the parade was weeks ago, but I'm just now getting around to adding these posts. Seriously I have had them in the drafts for weeks. This one I was waiting to add a picture scanned in from Cabe and I back in the day when he would ride the cheerleaders in the parade. The picture wasn't that good, so I opted not to add it.

Kensley's favorite part of the parade has always been the cheerleaders and horses. She then wants to see me in my old uniform, which Cabe gets a good kick out of. I'm gonna shock them all one day and pull out some of the old moves. Ha,ha!

Klay always likes the firetrucks and fancy cars. This year he did talk alot about the pretty girls on the cars however. He is so funny, he will tell you exactly who he thinks looks really pretty. I can always tell if my attire for the day is not up to par if Klay doesn't give me some comments. Ha! He even told his Aunt Ninny one night at our house the cartoon girls on the Tampax commercial looked cute. We had a good laugh over that one. He is such a mess.

He got really serious when he saw the Wall E float. I have to say it was my favorite also, so said it didn't win. The parents and students who worked on this one did great! Wall E moved and blinked and everything.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Do you hear the baby?

The other night Cabe and I were getting baby stuff down and decide to get out the baby heart monitor she she is big enough now to hear. She is against my back so it has been hard to hear her, and also to feel her up until recently. We got the monitor when I was pregnant with Kensley, and everyday Cabe and I would listen, talk, and play her music. She went to bed every night with me playing her classical, I think that is why she was so vocal early on. When we were pregnant with Klay, we also did the same. But we had little Kensley who every night wanted to talk to her "Bubba" and sing him Twinkle Twinkle. That has since always been the song we soothe Klay Klay with.
So the kids were super excited when we let them listen to the baby the other night. I think it was the first time Klayton really stopped and thought about their being a baby. He doesn't seem to understand like Kensley did, or maybe it is just that she didn't have a sibling so we emphasized a new kid in the house. He will talk about his baby in his belly every once in a while, and sometimes he will come kiss my tummy. But seeing him listen to her little heart beat brought tears to my eyes. It was like he really new his sister, and formed a loving bond. He froze and had such seriousness in his eyes.
After hearing her really well and also hearing some kicks he got really quite, looked over at Kensley and said I love my sister. I broke down, it was the sweetest moment! Cabe and I instantly started hugging and kissing him. Also rushed to get the camera, we knew we never wanted to forget that moment.
So hopefully she will have a song soon that will forever be her soothing song, just as the others had. But I can tell we are all getting anxious, and I'm so thrilled the kids are beginning to share in the excitement.

Klay was so still and quiet with the white noise, I'm on the look out now for a CD to put in his room while he goes to sleep. It was really mesmerizing to him.

John Deere Boys

My boys LOVE John Deere!! Cabe is always finding Klayton things that are John Deere, and Klay since he could barely talk could point out the John Deere logo and tell you what it was. He would call every tractor he saw a John Deere. So last week when Cabe had to get a mower, Klayton gladly shopped along. We went to the John Deere store and the kids had the best time. Now if they were only that good when they shopped in my favorite stores! Ha!
Klay and Kensley both picked out things they liked for birthdays. Well Kensley picked out things she wanted me to bring her back and get Klay. Klay had so many choices it was hard for him to decide. Our salesman gave him a toy, which made him feel really special.
Let me tell you that Daddy has not mowed the yard once without Klay sitting in his lap. Klay even started falling asleep once while mowing, but that wasn't going to stop him from helping Daddy.

The two of them crack me up when they mow, because they make such a big deal out of it. It is truly like Klay is a grown man going to do "Man" stuff! Ha,ha! He will tell me he has to go help work and he'll put his John Deere boots on and head out. I thought this picture was hilarious, they look like they are running a lawn mower race. Taking the turns!! I have heard all about how well the handles, it is a mower, not some sports car.

Notice Klay with his hand on the key. He either has to hold that or the steering wheel. And trust me he doesn't let go, he knows exactly how it turns on! Notice Daddy on the phone even while out mowing. I think one day his phone will just grow to part of his body. Work never ends for him.

I love that the boys already have their things! I can just picture them as Klay grows doing all the things Cabe has wanted to do with his son. It really makes me proud of the two of them! Love you two boys so....much!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Kensley's 1st Show-n-Tell

My little baby is growing more everyday. Yesterday she had her first show-n-tell at school. Well no official, but we asked if we could bring her turtle, because all she has talked about was another little girl bringing her lizard. She told us how the lizard had a cool home, like the one she use to have but Mommy ran over it. (Not really but when she cried and got upset about it, I thought I would take the rap for Daddy not paying attention) Her teacher said it would be fine, so we got Luke's home just right and took him to class to show him off.

All I had to tell her to wake her up that morning was that today she was taking her turtle to school. She jumped out of bed with such excitement, it was truly a precious moment for a momma.

When Kensley got home from school we showed her yet another critter that we added to our collection, while she was at school.

This is Dorky, Klayton's lizard he found on the porch today. Don't ask me why to kid named him Dorky, but that is what he wanted so that is his name. Can you tell how Klayton wasn't really sure he wanted to hold him.

Once Klay held Dorky, he didn't want to put him down. Poor lizard, he didn't know what he was getting himself into when he befriended Klay.

His peaceful life! Even I think his tiny size makes him kinda cute!

I had to get a picture of Kensley with her cute "noculars" she made at school. Kensley has an old scope of Cabe's that she calls her "noculars" and she constantly looks out in the yard with it. I will sometimes find her in different places around the house just studying things with them. So when she walked out of school with these so proudly around her neck, I knew she would have stories to tell. She told me all about finding raccoon tracks behind school in the woods, on their hunt.

Aren't children and the simple things just precious! How lizards and turtles can bring such joy! I love their excitement, I pray for a heart like a child to see the little things in life, and find joy in all God's wonders.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rainy Day

I have been meaning to post some pictures from a week or two ago. I captured some of life's crazy moments with kids! If you have ever been a parent, then you know there are those days that you wake up and know the whole day is just going to be wild! I was thinking back on these pictures today, because the kids were just driving me crazy. I think it is all the rain, and being stuck inside with nothing to do. No toy, movie, etc. was going to settle these two wild kiddos today. I was so worn down with telling them to stop throwing things, screaming, running, uhh!!! I know they have their bored days just like I have mine, but what can you do?

A couple of weeks ago this is how one day went.

First I woke up to Klay being in the dog kennel. He usually is a very early riser, and we often just let him get up while we are still waking up. I heard all the noise in my bathroom, and when I went in there, this is what I saw.

Then when Kensley got up he convinced her to lock him in there. That's all I need is Kensley being able to lock Klay in a cage. I can just see that one playing out. When she didn't get her way I would probably find my son in there.

Well there was a ton of things on the to-do list so we had to get out no matter how much the kids were acting out. I thought maybe lunch and some play at Chick-fil-A would help, but no that went wild too. We were that embarrassing family with screaming fighting kids that everyone stares at. So after that we had to get school shoes, so we went to do that. The kids know that there is a horse in the shoe store so immediately they started fighting over who was going to ride it first. We occupied Kensley being letting her try on shoes. She loves them! Klay also found a new favorite thing. The socks to try on shoes! He wore these stocking on his feet for the next several days. Every time he put on his crocs he would say how comfortable they made his feet feel. I tell you this kid is like his Pop Pop.

You can see his is chillin' on the couch wearing his sock.

They were suppose to be taking naps, but I gave in and said if they quietly watched cartoons that would work. We all know that didn't work out and I finally got Klay to sleep in his bed. Kensley can fight a nap till the end, and I have just come to the realization that she no longer needs one. Some days she has to have some rest so I can convince her read books on her bed. She was fighting her nap this day with every battle weapon she had. She will wake Klay in his room, say she has to do stuff in her bathroom,(That is just code for I'm going to make a mess with lip gloss) say she has a stomach ache and can't lay down. I'm telling you the kid can debate!

This is how I found her after I forced her to just stay in her room quietly. It was like she wasn't going to let me win and lay in her bed to take a nap. She fell asleep on her toy box, and I even after the battle she still looked like an angel.

Later while I was getting dinner ready Klayton started in on his potty training thing. Some days he does really good all day, others he will go in his diaper, take it off, and then go to the potty. That is his version of him doing a good job. I'm not going to get graphic, but lets say its not a pretty picture when he takes himself. While in the kitchen I keep seeing a little naked behind run past. I would put a diaper on him, next thing I know he runs past diaperless again! Oh, the day was long! So Kensley comes to tell me that Klay has taken his diaper off again, and he is eating the treat I told him he couldn't have. We had bought Twinkies at the store(which the kids had never had) and he was really eager to taste them. I insisted he not spoil his dinner, but this is what I found in Kensley's room.

(Yes he is diaperless)

We all made it through the day without pulling each others hair out, and Klay even got a new favorite stool. I got this cute little stool from an antique store here. He kept bringing it to me and telling me how this is for when he can't reach. It was sweet, but also under my feet all night.

Those days will come and go, but it is just giving me stories to tell my grandchildren one day.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The New Ride

I had a different weekend than planned. I was going to get several new fall outfits sewn, work on baby items, finish projects in the house that needed to be done, etc.. Lets say none of that got done, and I'm feeling way behind now. I started having the most horrible migraine Friday, and Saturday it only got worse. I called the nurse to see what was going on because not only was my head hurting, but now I was so nauseous and weak that I could hardly get out of bed. Luckily Cabe had taken Klay with him for the day, so it was Kensley and me and she it very understanding when mommy doesn't feel well. They gave me some medicine and said to watch my blood pressure. So I stayed in bed all Saturday and some of Sunday, then that night it got worse. I was bleeding really bad, so Cabe and I made a trip to labor and delivery around 11:30Sunday night. They said the baby was fine and that I probably had some kidney stones. So anyway, I am feeling even more unprepared for the baby now. I kept thinking on the way to the hospital about all the stuff we didn't have yet for the baby. Like everything! I have told Cabe now, that we have to step it up and get things ready just in case. Thank heavens I wasn't the women that was brought in while I was there that had just delivered in the back of a truck on the side of the highway. I mean talk about a shock!!

So Monday we decided to take the kids to do some fun stuff, since the weekend had kind of been slow. We went to Playtime Pizza, which we all really liked. I think they would have loved it even more had they been able to ride the go-carts. But they enjoyed the games and bowling. Kensley won a Minnie Mouse from one of those claw machines and all Klay wanted was some candy. Which after like $5.00 worth of trys, we gave up and just cashed in his tickets for some sour punch straws and a sucker. Happy Boy!

I have been stressed on the seating arrangements in the car when the baby gets here, so we decided since they were having Labor Day sales we would check out some car lots. I love my car however, I can't stand the back row of seats or the way it rides when you are back there. On trips I am the one who seats back there and I have to keep Tylenol down the whole time because it is so claustrophobic. Also you can't buckle because the seat belts lock up every inch you pull them. So aggravating!! I was really worried because I can't imagine putting Kensley in the back, when I can't even ride back there.

So long story short, we are now owners to a new Expedition EL. So much bigger, and I love, love, love it!!! I couldn't sleep the other night however, after my first drive in it. Yes I didn't even drive it or sit in it before we bought it. That is just kinda the way we roll! Ha,ha!! I knew what I liked, because I have researched which vechiles are the biggest and have the most interior room. Cabe had driven it the way home and for a quick run to the store, Monday night. He thought maybe before I had to drive it all week I might give it a try in the neighborhood. I probably looked like a student driver!! I was in the middle of the rode scared to death I was going to take down a mailbox or something, and I'm not a fan of night driving. Hate it! I tossed and turned, and so did the baby all night. I am getting use to the bigger size, but it is still going to be a challenge until I am well acquainted with it.

I did have to trade park spaces in the garage, because my usual spot just wouldn't hold this massive tank. We all love it, and hopefully it will work well when all three kiddos are in their car seats. I am on the hunt for a cute toy organizer for the car that can hold all that stuff that somehow makes it to the floorboards or our car. It was almost embarrassing taking all of our stuff out of the old car when leaving the dealership. We had more toys, crayons, sippys, etc. in our car than should be allowed.

I love some to the new features this car has. It has the back up camera, which is so awesome. I had become such a fan of the back up sensors, I don't think I could drive without them. But putting a camera in the rear view mirror, now that is ingenious! Also the back seat is humongous!! I am now thinking I may put both kids in the back and the baby seat in the 2nd row. Also it came with a DVD player!! I have wanted one in the car since we had kids. Just this summer we bought a huge 11' inch screen awesome DVD player for our trip. I hated to see it go, but at least this one does come with it. Another feature that is just funny to me is the air conditioned seats. Our Yukon had the heated seats, but air conditioned. It is just weird, you feel like you spilt a cold drink in your lap. I guess on those hot summer days it may turn out nice, not to stick to the seats. Also I have to say it has the Navigation Cabe has been dying to having forever. He has an after market GPS in his truck that we always take on trips but I always said it was a distraction and didn't want one. He has fought me till the end on this one, and he won. I didn't really care since most of the Expeditions came standard with it, I just thought now he will get his toy to play with. And he has played with it every time we are in the car. I think they are hazardous, he doesn't pay attention to the road. He loves the voice commands, I think it is just a guy thing!

We are all loving it, and the kids keep saying how nice it smells. You have to love that, they even enjoy that new car scent! I hate however that it has not stopped raining and that beautiful shiny car is now rained on. It is a cream color so I think this one will look alot cleaner then my old navy Yukon.