Friday, August 15, 2008

Randomness caught on phone

I am really bad about charging phones, downloading pics, updating files, really anything that has to be plugged in. I was looking on Cabe's computer the other night and his ITunes was way more updated than mine, as with his iPhone. He had icons on his phone screen I had never seen, and really neat features I've never played with. So I decided it was time to update things that have been on my phone for months. Thanks to Cabe he uploaded all the new features on my phone, but I thought I would refresh my play list and download my pics.

I am so glad that phones these days have cameras in them. I usually have a camera with me, but if I don't it is always handy to pull out the phone and catch some priceless moments.

Just the other day we went to a pottery studio, and I realized half way through that I didn't have my camera. The pictures aren't the best, but atleast I caught the moment. It was our first time to go to a paint your own pottery studio, and we loved it. I have been hinting to Cabe for years that I wanted the kids to make me a platter with their hand prints. Maybe now, he will have a little more info on what to do. I showed him just what I liked, so we will see if the next gift holiday I get my platter. Ha,ha!

We let the kids pick out what they wanted to paint, and wouldln't you know, it was nothing mommy had in mind. Not some cute plate or ornament I could use, but Kensley picked out a butterfly and Klay painted a car. I can't wait to see how they turn out! Klay mixed about every color together, and put about ten coats of paint on the roof of the car. It is little items like this that I will cherish forever!!

Notice all the paint on Klay's car, he had to add some pink like sissy. This should be great for his room decor. Ha,ha!

While there we painted a gift for Grandparents day. The kids had a little part in making the gift and I left the rest up to the owner of the store. She had some precious painted stuff, and she was super talented. I will update later with the gift, I can't give it away as they may see it before the day.

This picture is a little blurry but it was to cute not to share. A week or so ago, we went to eat at a local pizza place. When it was time for the waitress to bring our ticket Klayton started looking for his coins in his pocket and he said he would take care of it. Cabe and his mom were trying to decide who would pick up the ticket, like adults do, and I guess Klayton had heard it a time or two. He insisted he get the ticket, he would take care of it.

The waitress brought him a fake ticket in the book. We let him put the tip in his book, so he would think he had paid. He walked out of there so proudly! My little man is already growing up!

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csoffos said...

I hope I get a piece of pottery from my angels!  This looks like so much fun.  Kensley is such a good artist.