Thursday, August 28, 2008

Memphis Zoo

Last Friday we took the kids to the Memphis Zoo for the day. We had to be out of town for Jet's field trials and Memphis was the closest town to stay. We decided to leave early Friday so the kids could enjoy the day at the zoo. We have been meaning to plan a trip to the zoo for a while. Klay had only been to the zoo when he was six months old, so I was way over due.

(I loved Klay's face in the picture, it just makes me want to kiss those sweet little cheeks.)
We all loved how nice and big the zoo was. Such a change from our local one. The first thing we say were the lions, which helped to really pump up the kids. Kensley said her favorite was the girl lion and Klay said his was the boy lion. This trend followed through the whole day, with every animal we came too.

This orangutan kept playing with us, he would turn his back when I would lift the camera up. Luckily I snapped a shot of him. Kensley got so tickled by this!

We loved the giraffes, I'm always amazed by their size.

I think this one looks like Melman from Madagascar! He was the sheepish one! Ha,ha!

By far the Polar Bear exhibit was the kids favorite. They even wanted to leave after seeing them because they were ready to go swim. I have to say a cold pool did sound tempting.

This bear would do the same trick each time the kids stood in front of him. He had a pattern he swam in, and each time they would jump when he came around and looked at them.

This was the tortoise we nicknamed Mzee. I think it said he was hundred something years old.

I don't know what Miss Sassy was thinking at the time, but you can tell she was giving us a look over something.

Very creepy, extra large snake. We didn't so much like that exhibit. Kensley said she was sick to her stomach when we left them. I was even scared with them behind glass! That is one pet I can promise I will never let the kids have!

We had a great time and the weather was so nice. The kids were even up for taking pictures together that day, so you know they had to be having a good time.

P.S. Cabe wasn't so impressed with the rest of Memphis. I teased him about being uncultured and from a little town in Arkansas, he would have know what it was like if he ever got out in the real world. Ha! We stayed in a every nice hotel however, but the one thing he promised the kids, they did not have, a POOL!! I joked before we got to the hotel and said Memphis didn't have swimming pools in their hotels, I wasn't being serious. But I guess they really don't!! We will know next time to prepare the kids, as that is their favorite part of traveling.

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LeeAnn said...

i cannot believe how big your lab has gotten. when is he coming back to the house. sounds like you all had a fun trip to see him and to the zoo. i love seeing the pictures. hope you have a nice labor day weekend. we are going to Dallas for a soccer tournatment.