Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let Me Hold You Longer

I wanted to share a great book. I got it for Klay two Christmas' ago at the Christian book store because I thought it was one of the sweetest books from a mother to her son. It doesn't just apply to sons but to anyone who has ever loved a child.

Let Me Hold You Longer by: Karen Kingsbury

I remember getting it and nearly crying in the store as I read it. Today as I was reading it to the kids I thought again on how wonderful this is. Since school has just started and we have been celebrating another first with one of our children. I thought it kind of funny as I read this book about all your lasts.

The author's letter in the front of the book recalls how she came to write it. She remembers her son jumping in her lap and thinking he was getting so big she may not be able to hold him much longer. Then she realized any day it could be his last, and she wanted to hold him a little longer. As a mom I know I have documented every first my children have done. First bath, first tooth, first word. So many scrapbook pages filled with their firsts. But when is the last time for things. I don't remember feeding the kids their last bottle, or changing Kensley's last diaper, or the last night they slept in their bassinet.

It is a very heartwarming story and I know we love to read it. The kids like to see the little boy grow up and hear about what he is doing. And I love it because it reminds me that lasts will come and to cherish them as much as firsts. If I could just hold them a little longer!!

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LOVE YOU A GOOGLE... said...

Okay, well I am crying just thinking about reading the book. How true is that! We never know when the last anything is coming. What a lesson we can cherish with everyone we love. I see it everyday. The "last" something is a missed moment every second. Thanks for reminding me to cherish them as well as the first. I love you and your family, Katy! How wonderful it is!