Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jet's Started Test

Over the weekend Jet had his first set of field trials. The trials were in Bruins, AR a little town that couldn't even be found on the GPS. We went on Friday and Saturday to watch him.

(Matt and Jack before water retrieve)

(Jack retrieved his duck, and passed the trial)

(Jet getting ready for his water retrieve)

He was the youngest dog in the whole competion, and he did excellent. He has been at school for five months now, and he is way ahead of the game. His trainer Matt of Grassy Lake Retrievers took Jet and three other dogs. He took Maddie, which is his personal dog and her puppies Jack and Sage. Sage is also Matt's dog. Both Jack and Sage are a year and a half, they did awesome as well.

Jet, Jack, and Sage where the only ones doing trials, Maddie has already recieved all of hers. They each did a started test on Saturday and Sunday. The three passed with flying colors and made Matt very happy.

(Matt was telling Kensley how to get Maddie to fetch)

(Kensley giving the orders)

(Maddie was really good with Kensley, since she is an older dog and has trained for a long time)

For the first started test they must do a land retrieve and water retrieve, they get a score of five points if they pass both. Jet passed on Saturday and Sunday, so he got a score 10.

(Jet at the land retrieves)
This is Boo, she is the oldest living dog with the most UKC points. She is 11 1/2 and has over 4,600 points!! To say she is just a grand champion is an understatement. Her and her owner have the sweetest bond, and I just fell in love with her. She is so loyal, and now she can't really hunt anymore because of her age and health, but she still comes to these field trails.

Boo would fetch treats from her nose and show everyone a few tricks. I gave her my strawberry ice cream for little treat because she just kept watching everyone eat theirs with these sad eyes. How can you resist a dog like this?

Kensley was so proud of Jet getting a trophy as she calls it. Matt's dog Maddie has gotten several ribbons and after she trained with him one day she came home talking aobut all the trophys Maddie has. In her eyes Jet is a super cool dog now because he got a trophy!

We all had a good time hanging out and watching the dogs. We were a little unprepared for it all though, being it was our first time to go. (Thanks Matt! Ha,ha!) We got so mudddy and the kids absolutely loved it, escpecially Klay. He was the nastiest kid riding home Saturday night. I didn't know if we needed to strap him to the hood or not. He had dirt everywhere dirt could be!! Also he found a new favorite drink while at the trials. RED COKE!!

(Klayton finding the tresure)

(Aww, this is good!! You guys have been holding out on me!! Ha,ha!)

We didn't bring an ice chest, just Matt and all he had was Coke and water. Well Klay wanted some "Red Coke", as he called it. We thought what the heck give him one, let him live a little, its just for the day. They had been up early and we all needed some caffeine. I think Klay's total of "Red Coke" by the end of the night was 3 1/2! Klay will never forget going to field trials and his first taste of liquid heaven.

(Kensley with her "trophy" and Klay with the "Red Coke"

(I think the perfect caption would be Klay saying "Yes coke please!")
We were so worn down when we got home. My feet and ankles started swelling for the first time after this weekend. I was all up for some R&R on Sunday, so I didn't have to walk around with cankles for the next three months.

(The three dogs with their started ribbons)

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