Saturday, August 16, 2008

I would hate to be this car!

Okay so really I would hate to be this person, and realize my car is so messy that strangers take pictures of it. Tonight as I was leaving dinner I got in my car and noticed to vehicle next to mine. I was so happy yet again that I had my handy camera phone with me. Can you tell this is becoming one of my favorite things? Ha!

This car is tiny, like only a four seater, on no lie the whole backseat was a trash can. I first thought, moving, or just boxes and stuff. But oh no, I took a longer look and saw all trash!!

My hubby has commented on my car being a total wreck before, and I admit, I am on him all the time about his nasty truck. He is notorious for throwing trash in his floor(so am I sometimes, shh..). When we were building our house, I think my car was at its absolute worst. We had our whole life in my car, practically!

I know my husband will get a good laugh out of this picture. And sorry if you are the person who owns this car and happens to notice your pic across the Internet. Lets hope they didn't see me get a picture from inside my car, and like call the police of something.

Here goes....

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