Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Great first day at preschool

Well we all survived today!! Yeah!! Klay had a good day at home, and was perfect. Him and Kensley fuel each other at home, but apart they are two of the most well behaved kids. However when they are apart all they can think about is each other. He asked about her throughout the day, and kept telling me "when it says three on his watch we go get sissy".

Cabe picked her up from class and got a good report from her teacher. They said she was hard to wake up from her nap, they had to keep trying. Go figure! Ha,ha!

Kensley and Klay were thrilled to see one another, it was so priceless!! I'm so glad I captured the moment. He was like her parent asking her questions about how her day went.

We were so glad to see her excitement about her day. All in all it went very well. She had a great morning, and it seems to have gone good throughout the rest of the day. She told us how she had recess inside, because of the rain. We knew whatever she told us first was her favorite thing of the day. So I guess she really liked recess, because she has told us alot about that. She ate her meals good, I was worried about that. She even said she had seconds at breakfast. The girl will not eat breakfast at home if I paid her to.

Cabe and I both teared up when we read her report from the teacher. Our biggest fears for her at school was her shyness. However God never ceases to amazes us!!

Her teacher wrote:
-Favorite Activity: Meeting friends
-Behavior: Such a sweet friend. She looked after a younger girl who needed a friend today.

I was so very proud of her and so was her daddy! We went for ice cream to top off the day!

Kensley wanted a picture taken of her items sat up after school. I now have a backpack hanging up in our mudroom, oh how bitter sweet. She likes to walk by and see her backpack, and we too think it is precious.

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