Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Go Broncos!!

Over the weekend Cabe went to Denver, Colorado to help move in a friend of his and watch the Broncos game. His friends brother was drafted this year to the Denver Broncos and so they traveled there to take him his furniture. Cabe didn't get everything loaded and on the road until around 8:30 Thursday night. They had to go to Fayettville to pick up more furniture, but couldn't get it till the morning, so they just had to stop there for the night. Cabe got to Denver around 11:30 Friday night. He had such a long trip there and was ready for some rest when I talked to him. His attitude was much better Saturday morning after only a few hours of sleep, because of his excitement.

(Kyle, Peyton, and the couple that are Peytons big fans)

Him and his friend got tickets to the game, and also passes to go to the locker room. They met a couple that had become big fans and friends of Peyton while there and were invited to ride in a limo to the game. Cabe was on cloud 9 all night, they got pulled right up to the gates and went in to meet the players. It was so cute every time I talked to him, I could tell his excitement was growing. He would call and tell me something cool they were doing, or who they meet. I was pumped for him that he got that experience to go there.

Cabe has always wanted to go to Colorado skiing, but has never been. He loved it there, and was very impressed with the town. They got Peyton all moved in and enjoyed the game. Which by the way, the Broncos defeated the Cowboys! Go Broncos!!

(Game ticket and locker room pass)

Cabe is planning his next trip back, but he will NEVER drive again! I think the long car ride did it in for him and Kyle both. They had a blast while there but the drive he said was so boring and you could see nothing for miles but farm land. He sent me emails along the way home, they were just random road side attractions, it was funny. He said it gave him and Kyle something to do since there was nothing around.

Daddy made it back from Denver early Monday morning. He left at around 8:30 their time and got home around 3:45 our time. He was so tired when he came in, and I had just fallen asleep right before he came in. He had text me on the way to let me know he was okay and where he was on the road. I fell asleep while texting, but I was so relieved when he came home. It worries me so bad for him to be on the road late at night and for such long periods of time. Kensley woke up when he got in bed and was all ready to see her surprise.

He brought us back lots of goodies!! We love getting surprises! Kensley got a cheerleading uniform signed by the Broncos cheerleaders, pom poms, and a signed poster of all the cheerleaders. Klay got a football jersey that Peyton signed, and also a game ball from the Broncos that was signed. He also got a football toothbrush that he is all about. That kid has to have the cleanest teeth, I know he brushes his teeth 10 times a day. No joke! Cabe brought jackets and sweatshirts back for me. I was so pumped, that is all I wear in the winter. I love to have big sweatshirts to lounge around in.

Now we can support Peyton and the Broncos with all our gear. I will have to put Hillis on the back of our sweatshirts so everyone knows who we are supporting. I think Klay and Kensley would love to go out to Colorado sometime to see a game, I just don't know if they are old enough right now. Cabe kept saying how he would have loved for Klay to be about 10 and they would have had the best time. Isn't that any little boys dream, to go to an NFL game and get the meet the players.

The kids have not taken off their uniforms since they got them. Kensley came straight home from school yesterday and changed into her cheerleading outfit. She absolutely loves it! Also Klay is really big into football now. He always tells us he is a football boy, ever since a couple of weekends ago when him and Cabe went out and played ball. I think he grew an instant passion for the game. We couldn't be more thrilled, we are all ready to go watch his games one day! He usually wears his Razorback jersey everyday, and I mean that. He wakes up every morning and picks out his jersey for the day. Now he has another new favorite!


LeeAnn said...

looks like they had good seats if the photos were taken from where they were sitting. What an experience!

Katy S said...

They did have good seats. They got to sit in the family section, row 5.Cabe had such a good time! I was happy he got to go