Friday, August 29, 2008

Fish Pond

This is our new fish pond we made last week. Kensley's hermit crab Little Girly died Wednesday night and she was quite upset. Poor thing has had to deal with death alot more than I think kids should. She has had several pets(and in her opinion that even means caterpillars)die. We can't always avoid her finding out, so it has just become a hard reality. She is very mature so she handles it well, but she is also very sensitive. When Little Girly died you would have thought this was a pet that actually communicated with us. We all had to say what we were going to miss about Little Girly and talk about how she will be remembered.

So Thursday when she got out of preschool her Daddy had a surprise for her. She loves fish, and we have had several of these fish ponds, but just never big enough for the fish to survive. He took my unlucky pot(whole other blog within itself, lets just say my front porch must be cursed, it doesn't want me to have anything on it) and transformed it into a fish pond for the kids.

We got five koa fish which are named: Darby, Little Quack, Lulu, Luke, and Sarah. The kids enjoy looking out on the deck each morning to check on them, and also feeding them. As you can see in one of the pictures Kensley is giving Klayton a lesson on how much food to feed them. We had another disaster when she was littler because she dumped the whole bag of food in the water. Those poor fish went to fishy heaven also. Wish our new ones luck, hopefully the pot likes fish better than plants!

(Kensley telling him just a little bit.)

(Darby being feed)

Don't you love the shirt I found Kensley online. It says "My mom is blogging this". She wore it to preschool and the teachers thought it was so precious. I found Klay one too, I'll post that picture when he wears his.

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