Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of Dance

Tonight we had Kensley's first day of dance. This is her 4th year dancing, and she absolutely loves it! She has been in a preschool dance class every year that is a dance/gymnastics combo. This year however she was asked to join the Broadway Belles dance company. For her age she could still be doing the preschool dance class, but her dance teacher Ms. Jenny recommended her for the more advanced class.

I was so proud when we got a letter this summer, asking if she would attend that class this fall. Kensley was very thrilled too, that Ms. Jenny thought she was that good.

Her class is at night this year, and is all dance. They are focusing more on skills and advanced techniques. Last night she did just awesome! Their was only one other girl from her dance class last year and all the other girls were in kindergarten or first grade. When I first saw her class size and the skills they were working on I thought Kensley may decide to go back to her preschool class. But she completely amazed Cabe and I at how well she did. For her age she acted so mature in class, and followed Ms. Jenny very well.

I think Kensley will continue to love dance, and each year she gets so much better. Since she started when she was two, she knows a great deal about dance and can tell you what every position is called. I am so proud of how hard she works at it, and that she has found something that makes her so happy.

After dance she was completely exhausted and so was Klay. They had a big day playing together, because Sissy kept saying how it was her last day to be with her brother. Tomorrow is the first day of preschool and it will be a huge day for all of us!

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csoffos said...

Kensley looks so cute in these pictures and so does Klay.  He is such a good brother!  Kensley is such a good dancer and I am so excited to see her in an advanced class.  Happy dancing, Kensley! Mimi