Thursday, August 14, 2008

Camping Trip 2008

Last weekend we went to Greers Ferry Lake to camp and fish. Cabe and I love to go camping, and since we have been married we try to go every summer. Kensley has been with us before and just loved it. This was Klay's first camping experience. Both of the kids started getting really excited weeks ago when we told them we would be going soon. We have had a crazy busy summer, so we planned weeks in advance for last weekend to be the chosen date. We went down early Friday to reserve a good campsite below the dam. We got a great spot and just in time! A swarm of campers came in right behind us and we had gotten the last spot.

We sat up the tent and unpacked all the gear, then had a little lunch.

(Above: Kensley looking at a ladybug. She LOVES ladybugs!)

After lunch we went to check out the playground and river. We were so lucky to be right on the river and close to the playground.

(Above: This was Klay in his "house".)

Kensley swinging!

Daddy showing her "how it is done"

Daddy realizing it may not be as easy as he was saying it was to do a flip.

I love the look!! It was so priceless, he wasn't going to give up.

And he does it!! YEAH!!!

That night we had an official campfire dinner of hotdogs and smores. Very nutritous! Ha,ha! Klay and Kenlsey had such a good time roasting things, but Klay makes me a little nervous as he has no fear of anything, including fire.

Starting the campfire.

Klay being Daddy's helper, all ready to throw in some wood.

This was so precious, Kensley was sceranading her daddy to a Hannah Montana song. She was belting it out on her new Hannah flashlight.

At first Klay was a little unsure of why we were cooking the hotdogs like this.

Kensley satisfaction of her roasted dog.

What is better than smores?

Klay loved smores and the sugar loved Klay! Ha!

(To bad we missed National Smores Day on the 10th, I just told the kids it was the whole weekend.)

We were all very tired and turned in for the night to watch a movie in the tent. I know, that doesn't sound like the regular camping, but hey we have kids, you still have to entertain. Kensley and I were the last to fall asleep as usual. I didn't think either child would fall asleep for their new found love of playing with flashlights! Who would have known a little light could bring such fun to two children!?!

We woke early to a beautiful sunrise and the fog from the river. It was so great, I would love to wake to that every morning, it was so peaceful. The river makes it so cool in the morning that we had to put on our sweatshirts and sit around the fire. Daddy cooked us an awesome breakfast on his little camp grill. The kids were begging for more. As if I hadn't ever cooked them eggs and bacon before! Ha!

Then we were off for a day of fishing. Kensley has a natural talent of catching a ton of fish. Ever since she was two, she could practically out fish everyone with us. She wasn't as eager to fish this trip however, because she had her brother with her. They were to busy building wax worm homes our of rocks. Klay would fish for a little while then when we would remind him to sit still to catch one, he would say I'm done. I took Klay to the playground while Daddy and Kensley fished. He had the best time playing and finding things on our nature walk. After lunch he wanted me to bring sissy back to see the trail we had found. The two of them had to best time running ahead of Cabe and I on the trail. We also enjoyed it because it was some quiet time for us and we could unwind with all the beautiful scenory around us.

Just a typical Klaybo look.

This was a log on the trial that Kensley spotted and said "This is like Disney, they made that log into an alligator." We are always amazed at the things the kids say, and that she could spot something like that.

The kids were actually really eager to have their pictures made together. We were snapping at every opportunity.

These are for the baby. The kids picked up a bunch of stuff on the trial, like they always do and I saw an idea in a magazine to make a jar of all the gifts your kids bring you. But sorry I'm not that mom that wants a jar of rotting, stinky things. So I thought from now on I'll just photograph their gifts to me, and we can compile them that way.

I was really glad we made the trip, and the kids are already planning our next camping trip. They really just think it is neat to sleep in a tent on the blow up mattress. I remember camping trips from my childhood and they were some of my foundest memories. Hopefully we are making some of those memories for the kids.

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