Friday, July 25, 2008

Poor Hermie

I am sad to say a member of our family died yesterday. Klay's hermet crab that we have had for a little less than a month drown yesterday. Isn't that bizarre that a hermet crab drowns! Only in the Soffos house would such a thing happen. I think God is trying to tell us something about animals. It truly is a huge decision when we bring any other living thing into our house, because its chances aren't good.

Our kids have gone through numerous animals over the past few years. Our first pet, ran away when we moved houses. Then a beta that he had for years(with an amazing will to live, I wasn't the best at remembering to change the water) passed away. Bye Bye Uh-uh(Kensley named it). We had to give a golden retriever away because of the huge holes in our backyard, and hate for the sprinkler system. Then we got a lab, that died. We had to just tell the kids he ran away. And the worst one of all was our miniature dachshund that we had for years. He was ran over when we moved into our new house. I was so crushed about Cocoa I swore off having another pet.

However, while in Gulf Shores we decided the kids could both get a hermet crab. Hermie was Klay's and Kensley named hers Little Girly.

Last night I realized that Hermie was not going to move no matter how much we tapped the cage. Klay puckered up, and kept saying he is just sleeping. It truly broke my heart!

So fair well Hermie. Another Soffos pet has gone to pet heaven.

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