Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jon and Kate Plus 8

While the kids are playing on the water slide I am catching up on some posts, and trying to order all of our vacation pictures. So this post is another that I got from Angie off of her blog. It reminded me of something I found on the internet last night and I wanted to share.

In my house we are huge Jon and Kate fans! We watch every Monday night, and the kids get a special treat by getting to watch it in their rooms while going to sleep. We are constantly talking about things their kids do that remind us of our lives. I think I like watching it so much because it gives me hope that I can do this, my kids aren't going to drive me insane. That woman is in my prayers, I don't know how she can keep it so together. I was very organized, then kids came along and I have no clue where that part of me went. I sincerly hope one day it will return!Ha,ha!

But anyways, I was on the Gosselins website last night, and they have links to some of their favorite things. I found the most adorable gift for the new baby while looking through their favorite things.

Kensley and Klay both have their lovies that they carry everywhere and have to have to go to sleep. Kensley's is her lamb she has had since birth. And Klay has a binkit that has truly gone everywhere. I never let Kensley take her special lamb when she goes out, she takes the replacement. However Klayton, has taken binkit everywhere and several times we have done a panic search for it, late, late at night. I am trying to retire it and just let him keep his replacements(his is hanging by threads). Every time I turn around though he has original binkit!

We have been on the search for this little ones special lovie, and I think this is going to be it. Baby Be Blessed has the most adorable dolls. I like the bunny for the baby.

I couldn't get my favorite to upload, but I love the chocolate and pink bunny, so so sweet!

You can personalize the scripture and have their name on their also. I just love this and can't wait to get the babies. We are still deciding names so I can't order it just yet. But there will be a big decision made soon on the name. I post it when it is official. If is continues to be a girl, which we have been told. But we also were told it was a boy, lets hope we don't have two! Ha,ha!

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