Thursday, July 31, 2008


I went to an awesome women's event at church last weekend. Christine Caine from Hillsong church was the guest speaker. She is just fantastic! If you have never heard her, you need to check some of her sermons out. This theme for the women's event was Embrace. It was truly just so neat, everything NLC does goes above and beyond. It was played up with black and yellow color scheme, and all cast members were to wear those colors. My sis did a cute opening act, she was to give out door prizes, singing bee style. These door prizes were not your usual, they had a staged living room set up with black and yellow and if you won the challenge you could choose items from the set up. I had my eye on some lamps, but no way I would show up all the girls with my amazing voice! Te,he!

No, truly our church has the most gifted singers/band out there. I know I'm bragging alot on New Life, but it really seems like God has his hand on this church and these awesome people. I am posting a video, from our Mother's Day at church, this guy is one of my favorites. He has other You Tube videos, check some of them out they are a scream.

But anyhow after worship, Christine spoke on Embrace. She recalled of two major events that happened last year that caused her to take a whole new perspective on things. First off, she is a strong woman, alot stronger than I think I would be. When she was born, she was left in the hospital and all that is on her birth certificate is a number. Then from age three to fifteen she was sexually abused by several men, in her family I believe. She came to Christ when she was older and has been in the ministry for 20 years now.

Her first event was when she was in an airport in Greece and she saw posters on the wall of girls that were missing because of sex trafficking. Once she looked into how much this kind of thing was happening across the world she knew she had to make a difference. She started the A21 Campaign against sex trafficking, which by 2010 is believed to be the biggest crime world wide. Check out this website, and see what all we can do stop this from happening to more young women and men.

The next event, which hit close to home with me, was her saying how she knew none of her neighbors. She realized she didn't have to travel the world to witness, that down her street their may be people who need a friend. I too know every little of our neighbors. I know that sounds awful, but we haven't lived in the neighborhood long and I'm not the outgoing type to just ring someones door. Christine told a funny story though, how that is exactly what she did. She simply went next door and asked this stay at home mom of three young children if there was anything she could do. This mom started to sob, and immediately invited her in. She said how the baby had colic and never slept, and her husband worked long hours. I found my self tearing up, because being a mother of two young children myself, I have been there. I realized that there are other mothers in this neighborhood that I need to meet and build a network of support and prayer. We sometimes have people right under our nose that need prayer and comfort. I decide I could Embrace, I have been praying all week for the opportunities and courage to simply ring someones door.

I know long story of the event, but it was so awesome I had to share, since we couldn't all be there. If Christine is ever in your area, she is a great speaker, I know everyone could gain something from her sermons. Lastly, they handed out a yellow bracelet to all the ladies and a great dessert of lemon sorbet.

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