Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dinner with who?

I thought this was a cute blog, that I saw on one of my favorites. She posted the question of "Who would you have dinner with if you could anyone?" I knew right away my first person. That would be Lucille Ball. I am a huge, huge fan! I have all the box sets of I Love Lucy, and when I'm down in the dumps nothing makes me feel better then watching Lucy re-runs. The fashion and live in her time, is my absoulute favorite. I so wish I could go out everyday as Lucy did in her dresses and heels, but hey my shorts and big tees work just fine for this momma! Ha! I have read alot of her books, but I still have questions I would love to ask her.

My next choice is hard because I really have two people I would like to talk to. I never knew my dad's dad because he died when I was only eight months old. I really love to hear stories about him and look at old pictures. The love my granny has for him, is what I want to have as me and Cabe grow older. He truly was the love of her live and she speaks so highly of him, as does everyone who talks about him. He was a farmer and worked for the railroad, such a hard worker. I love the simple live he lead and the way he raised his family. My dad is one of the most amazing people I have ever known, I truly think he had a great father leading him. I also would love to have dinner with my mom's dad. He died when I was seven so I didn't know him like my sisters. I remember certain things about him, and I think if he was around he and I would still spend alot of time together. My family isn't one of telling stories about old times, and that is probally one of my favorite things to do. Sit around and hear about your heritage. If papa was here I could get him to tell me all about my mom, and I would adore that.

So just for fun, pass on the post and tell your two people you would have dinner with.


LOVE YOU A GOOGLE... said...

I guess I didn't realize you were that little when papa died. I was ten and still do not remember much except the old brown radio that sit beside him on the couch and it was ALWAYS on! I have always thought how amazing it was that Granny became a widow so young and still thought if she had the best there wasn't it reason to try to replace him she would just rather be single. How great is that! :) I hope Jack and I have something that special, too. :)

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