Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Snow Day

We had our first snow day yesterday March 4! Arkansas weather is so crazy and unpredictable so I just knew our local weather man was wrong again. Ha! When Klayton woke at 6 am all I was concerned about was just five more minutes of sleep. Cabe looked out the doors and saw a blanket of snow, so five minutes was thrown out the window. But we never get snow here, so I was pumped that the kids could go play. We have been waiting for the first snow since we moved in. I knew the trees would be breath taking and I wanted to get some shots of the waterfall but the snow was short lived when the temp. got up to 58. I'm telling you I don't know how we stay as well as we are when one minute you have snow and the next I'm sneezing from the spring pollen. Anyhow we did have a great day playing in the yard and attempting to sled. Kensley played with her friend Ava, and Klayton got to play with his girlfriend Mrs. Kelly. We all enjoyed it so much, I just hope next year the weather brings us some snow a little earlier, maybe like December 25.

Klay would not let me get the hat out of his eyes, he was so bundled I don't know how he even walked.

Kensley was worn out after all the snow, our diva retired to the couch for some beauty sleep.

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