Monday, March 24, 2008

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Our neighborhood hosted an Easter Egg hunt last weekend for all the children. It was alot of fun for the kids to play with some of the other neighborhood kids, since we only moved in December and are still getting to know alot of the families. We all had a good time socializing and getting more candy than you could imagine in their eggs. They had bins with different age groups on them that you would empty your prefilled 36 eggs into. Then different parents scattered the eggs for each age group all around and let the kids hunt to find 36. My daughter found her 36, however I think Klayton ended up with a few more because he just kept throwing the eggs in his basket until finally we had to put the sugar hunt to a stop. He ate so many cookies and chocolates that I'm shocked he ever fell asleep that night. I hate for the kids to be a sugar overload but egg hunting does come around only one time a year, so I let him more than normal. My kids didn't find the eggs with the prize numbers in them, but some other children got some really neat baskets, balls, and sidewalk chalk. I think the neighbors did a great job hosting! One neighbor I have to brag on was a local denist that came and brought all the children cute toothbrushes in a decorated easter pail. I thought that was so sweet that they came and did that for all the children since him and his wife have grown children now. And don't you know we had a good toothbrushing that night, after all the gummy candy!

Klayton riding the horse.

Kensley loved playing basketball on real goal. I think she is going to like sports.

This is my first tulip that has bloomed. Kensley and I were so excited we had to get pictures.

Here is Kensley with the tulips she picked out and planted.


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