Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Baskets?

I am on a hunt to find cute ideas for Easter. Usually at the last minute we dye or eggs and I stay up late filling baskets. This year I'm giving myself a few days start. I don't want to fill the kids baskets with a bunch of useless toys that are a waste of money but I do like to give gifts, and Kensley's love language is recieving gifts so I like to make it special. I have thought about getting the kids baby chicks, but then they might not be old enough just yet to really enjoy them. I got baby chicks every Easter as a kid and I just loved those cute little things. Kensley has been reading The Little Duck and keeps talking about how cute the chicks are. I did find some good ideas off of some different blogs like filling the eggs with crackers and such, so the kids aren't in a sugar overload. Also I like how some moms themed their baskets with pool and beach stuff. I might just do a beach baskets to get ready for vacation this summer. I have a bunch more posts that a have been slacking on posting, so hopefully I can get them up in the next day or so. Well if anyone has some cute suggestions for Easter Baskets let me know. Here are some pictures from last years Easter.

I just loved Klay's suit from last easter! He looked like such a little man, his suit this year is cute but last year's from Gap is hard to beat. Kensley had to wear one of her winter outfits because the weather was way to cold for her sweet dress.

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