Monday, March 24, 2008

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Our neighborhood hosted an Easter Egg hunt last weekend for all the children. It was alot of fun for the kids to play with some of the other neighborhood kids, since we only moved in December and are still getting to know alot of the families. We all had a good time socializing and getting more candy than you could imagine in their eggs. They had bins with different age groups on them that you would empty your prefilled 36 eggs into. Then different parents scattered the eggs for each age group all around and let the kids hunt to find 36. My daughter found her 36, however I think Klayton ended up with a few more because he just kept throwing the eggs in his basket until finally we had to put the sugar hunt to a stop. He ate so many cookies and chocolates that I'm shocked he ever fell asleep that night. I hate for the kids to be a sugar overload but egg hunting does come around only one time a year, so I let him more than normal. My kids didn't find the eggs with the prize numbers in them, but some other children got some really neat baskets, balls, and sidewalk chalk. I think the neighbors did a great job hosting! One neighbor I have to brag on was a local denist that came and brought all the children cute toothbrushes in a decorated easter pail. I thought that was so sweet that they came and did that for all the children since him and his wife have grown children now. And don't you know we had a good toothbrushing that night, after all the gummy candy!

Klayton riding the horse.

Kensley loved playing basketball on real goal. I think she is going to like sports.

This is my first tulip that has bloomed. Kensley and I were so excited we had to get pictures.

Here is Kensley with the tulips she picked out and planted.

Diet Coke Addict!?!

Here is a picture of what my husband and I see every time we see my mother in-law. We give her such a hard time about her Sonic Diet Coke, not because she has to have a diet coke just from Sonic. But because she orders this.....

And she drinks this.....

We have tried to understand her reasoning of buying the large because it is happy hour, but still at 10 at night this is the drink we see her with. Is there such thing as an addiction to Sonic Diet Cokes!?! Ha,ha! A small will not do for my mother in-law, it is like it just doesn't taste the same. However the poor diet coke finds its final resting place in my drain, because only two sips are taken from this so loved drink! To all of the other Sonic suffers of the world, just know you aren't alone.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Baskets?

I am on a hunt to find cute ideas for Easter. Usually at the last minute we dye or eggs and I stay up late filling baskets. This year I'm giving myself a few days start. I don't want to fill the kids baskets with a bunch of useless toys that are a waste of money but I do like to give gifts, and Kensley's love language is recieving gifts so I like to make it special. I have thought about getting the kids baby chicks, but then they might not be old enough just yet to really enjoy them. I got baby chicks every Easter as a kid and I just loved those cute little things. Kensley has been reading The Little Duck and keeps talking about how cute the chicks are. I did find some good ideas off of some different blogs like filling the eggs with crackers and such, so the kids aren't in a sugar overload. Also I like how some moms themed their baskets with pool and beach stuff. I might just do a beach baskets to get ready for vacation this summer. I have a bunch more posts that a have been slacking on posting, so hopefully I can get them up in the next day or so. Well if anyone has some cute suggestions for Easter Baskets let me know. Here are some pictures from last years Easter.

I just loved Klay's suit from last easter! He looked like such a little man, his suit this year is cute but last year's from Gap is hard to beat. Kensley had to wear one of her winter outfits because the weather was way to cold for her sweet dress.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another Snow Day

Sorry I'm late posting, but live has been crazy all weekend long. My back and body wish it would snow again, so I can sleep in! Yeah right!! My son is like anti-sleep, that is a whole other blog in itself. I wanted to catch everyone up on the snow day we had Friday March 6. Central Arkansas recieved the most snow, which is so rare for where I live. My kids had really got the hang of playing in the snow by Friday, when it snowed all day. I got some of the most beautiful pictures in the woods by our house. My camera would not snap fast enough to catch my kids faces when I wanted it to. I guess that is why I could never be a professional photoghaper.

Blog Party!!

Ultimate Blog Party 2008

All you blogging Momma's its time to get your party on! I love what 5 Minutes for Mom is doing, they are hosting 2008 Ultimate Blog Party! Anyone can join it to get involved with other bloggers or simply just enter to win prizes. I think it is so cool, and I have already found some posts worth following. So for any of you like me who think blogging is the next best thing to slice bread, join to party!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Facing the Giants

I would like to pass on a great movie recommendation that I was told about from several of the dance moms. Facing the Giants is a wonderful family movie that has great meaning and not to mention some football. There is something about those football movies that just always touches a soft spot in my heart.

We watched this movie tonight, and though both kids fell asleep and didn't see it all, it is one I approve of them viewing. I love all the scripture quoted in this movie! It is so rare these days that there are movies or any media out there to praise God. This wasn't a huge box office hit, but worth a ton of compliments. I had been told about this from some great ladies from my daughters dance class and they all said it had been passed on to them and they now own it. Well can I tell you, we will be purchasing this one. I am passing this movie suggestion on because it brings out what we really need to be watching and letting our children watch. I think my daughter could even gain alot from this movie because she soaks up so much and it amazes me the deep thought she can puts into everything.

Well that was my little tidbit of favorite things right now. I'm going to get the snow gear ready for the kids in the morning because, yes again Arkansas is getting snow in MARCH! They are calling for a foot of snow and since or old faithful weather man happened to be right on Tuesday, I stocked up at the store just in case.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Snow Day

We had our first snow day yesterday March 4! Arkansas weather is so crazy and unpredictable so I just knew our local weather man was wrong again. Ha! When Klayton woke at 6 am all I was concerned about was just five more minutes of sleep. Cabe looked out the doors and saw a blanket of snow, so five minutes was thrown out the window. But we never get snow here, so I was pumped that the kids could go play. We have been waiting for the first snow since we moved in. I knew the trees would be breath taking and I wanted to get some shots of the waterfall but the snow was short lived when the temp. got up to 58. I'm telling you I don't know how we stay as well as we are when one minute you have snow and the next I'm sneezing from the spring pollen. Anyhow we did have a great day playing in the yard and attempting to sled. Kensley played with her friend Ava, and Klayton got to play with his girlfriend Mrs. Kelly. We all enjoyed it so much, I just hope next year the weather brings us some snow a little earlier, maybe like December 25.

Klay would not let me get the hat out of his eyes, he was so bundled I don't know how he even walked.

Kensley was worn out after all the snow, our diva retired to the couch for some beauty sleep.